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LED Sign Boards

LED sign boards and 3D acrylic letters are the latest way of representing your brand. They look more premium than normal glow signs boards, and are much more reliable and use much less power as compared to traditional signage.

3D painted Acrylic Letters

This is probably the most common kind of reception sign you will see, where the letters and logos are cutout in acrylic (usually 8-10mm depth), painted in the specific logo colors and pasted onto the wall.This gives a very neat and elegant look to your reception area.

Acrylic Sandwich Frames

Acrylic sandwich is a frame where your print is sandwiched between two layers of Acrylic. These layers are then bolted with metallic studs.The thickness of layers can either range from (3mm+3mm) to (8mm+8mm) depending on size and strength requirement.

ACP Sign Boards

We have capability in developing the ACP sign boards. We also offer ACP signs available in standard and customized color combinations made from hard-wearing polyethylene or aluminum. Almost any kind of message or customized design is feasible.

Injection LED Modules

Our LED modules are equipped with famous led brands for high performance in brightness and long life for outdoor signage industry. Our led modules are ideally suits for led channel letters having 8 – 18 cm thickness to get good performance and uniform light distribution.

Acrylic Interior

To furnish the diverse requirements of our clients in the best possible manner we are involved in offering an extensive range of Acrylic Interior.

Our Complete Products List

  • Arcylic Mementos
  • Arcylic Awards
  • Arcylic Boxes
  • Arcylic Trophies
  • Arcylic Products
  • Arcylic Sheets
  • Arcylic 3D Frames
  • Arcylic Sheilds
  • Arcylic Holders
  • Arcylic Accessories
  • Arcylic Pins
  • Arcylic Podium
  • Arcylic Display Stands
  • LED Sign Boards
  • Glow Sign Boards
  • ACP Sign Boards
  • Injection LED Modules
  • LED Strips
  • Digital LED Controller
  • LED Amplifier
  • LED Dimmer
  • High Power LED Module
  • LED Mini Magic

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